Brawn on the Fourth of July! Bodybuilders compete to see who’s the most toned, tanned, and taut at Venice Beach contest

And of course thanks to Muscle Beach Venice, where, for decades, toned and tanned bodies have flocked show off their iron pumping prowess. Fourth of July is an especially busy day at at the outdoor gym. That’s when Mr. and Ms. Muscle Beach are named after bodybuilding, figure, bikini, men’s physique, and women’s physique competitions are held every year. While not all bodies in the competitions were created equal, one this was for sure: there was plenty of muscle to go around at Venice Beach this Independence Day. Show your guns: Men compete in the Muscle Beach Independence Day bodybuilding contest on Venice Beach in Los Angeles, California, Thursday.

Bodybuilding: Your transformation is driven by your thoughts

Olympia contest and who brought California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger to the U.S., poses for a portrait at his home in Los Angeles November 15, 2006. Credit: Reuters/Robert Galbraith By Dan Whitcomb LOS ANGELES | Sat Mar 23, 2013 7:56pm EDT LOS ANGELES (Reuters) – Joe Weider, the self-made fitness and bodybuilding guru who built a magazine empire that included more than a dozen popular publications such as Muscle and Fitness, Shape and Men’s Fitness, died on Saturday at the age of 93. Weider, also known for starting the Mr Olympia bodybuilding contest in the 1960s and mentoring a young Arnold Schwarzenegger, passed away from heart failure at a Los Angeles area hospital, his longtime publicist Charlotte Parker said. “Joe Weider was a titan in the fitness industry and one of the kindest men I have ever met,” Schwarzenegger said in a statement posted on his official website. “He leaves behind a fantastic legacy of a fitter world,” the film star and former governor of California said.

Overweight party girl horrified by pictures of herself in swimwear loses three stone to take part in Miss Galaxy Universe BIKINI contest

“We loved it, but I said the only way you can really tell this story is if we can get Arnold involved,” recalls Eric Tannenbaum, adding: “The birth of the fitness/bodybuilding revolution can literally be traced back to the days when Arnold arrived in the U.S.” Tannenbaum reached out to CAA, which reps him as well as the former governor, and set up a meeting. Schwarzenegger signed on and began sharing stories of his past. The project, which was pitched exclusively to Showtime, comes less than a year after Schwarzenegger reflected on his own bodybuilding past in an ESPN 30 for 30 short film titled Arnolds Blueprint. The latter focused on his teen years in the Austrian Army, where he began the bodybuilding career that flourished at Gold’s Gym in Venice and would ultimately lead to his stardom. STORY: Arnold Schwarzenegger in Talks to Star in ‘Toxic Avenger’ Remake Following his political tenure, Schwarzenegger has returned to Hollywood in a significant way.

Bodybuilding icon Joe Weider dies in Los Angeles at 93

And his hard work and dedication paid off as doorman Tony, from Tile Hill, Coventry, came first in the over-50s section, and third in the masters over-40 category. The tournament is organised by the Natural Physique Association which bans competitors from using steroids, although certain sports supplements like extra protein are allowed. Tony gave up competitive training ten years ago to focus on his Catholic faith, but he now plans to continue competing into his 60s and 70s. Coventry bodybuilding champion Tony Coppola He said: Being back on stage was really enjoyable, I loved it. I never fell out of love with bodybuilding but there were other things in my life I neglected, like my faith. I continued to train at the gym but I was in my comfort zone and if I went to a coffee shop Id have a big slice of cake. Another problem was injuries.

Arnold Schwarzenegger Sells Bodybuilding Drama ‘Pump’ to Showtime (Exclusive)

‘It was emotional and I think I cried when I had finished but I was so pleased I had done it. ‘The blood, sweat and tears of the last 18 months had really paid off.’ New confidence: Becky was shamed into losing weight after being horrified by a picture of herself in her bikini but now sites she is back in a skimpy two-piece for the first time in 18 months Becky says she had always been a slender size eight through her teens and twenties but noticed the weight creep after moving to Catral, Spain with her husband Jason, 41, in 2008. At her heaviest, Becky weighed 11 stone and was wearing size 14 clothes. She said: ‘I tried to be careful about what I ate but the weight crept up. I’d restrict myself to a tin of tomato soup or beans on toast in the day but at night I would sink endless glasses of wine and munch on crisps and chocolate.

Toned Tony triumphs at Midlands bodybuilding championships after ten-year break

A committed bodybuilder is also aware that he or she will have to make sacrifices that the average person takes for granted, if he or she wants to successfully pursue a fitness goal of any magnitude. Nothing can enhance or destroy your training more than your own thoughts. Your thoughts have power. Whatever you tell yourself going in, your mind will start to focus on, setting the stage for whatever comes next. This is why it is so important to train yourself to take in thoughts that are positive and will push you forward, causing you to grow and develop rather than thoughts of doubt and defeat, causing you to to give up and settle for less. The transformation of a bodybuilder or anyone who chooses to make dramatic changes to the body, has to first believe in order for it to become a reality.


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